söndag, augusti 30, 2009

Hello Apple!

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Många mail att skriva nu....
Efter att ha hittat det här - så blåser jag upp girigheten, 3-4 andra dödssynder
och tar sats:


Dear mr Jobs or to whom it may concern!

I've been lurking around with a SE C902 for 'bout a year now.

All my friends laugh at me, call me names - they actually reminds me of
the dark ages in my childhood when I was seriously abused.

You see - they got stylish and pördish Iphones. They now also are
flashing out with the Spotify app - and the limit for what I can take is
far beyond reality.

I suggest that your company supply me with an Iphone, urgently. You don't have to post it by yourself. Just mail one of the retailers i Gothenburg and tell them to contact me - I'll pick it up for free :)

You see - I recive lots of cred; people around me listen to what I say. They see
what I wear, the gadgets I use and all freaky stuff that surrounds me make
great talks in da hood.

It might depend that I nowadays have became one of the greatest authors
Sweden ever met... at least if you dig among thoose writers who are connectet to Internetz and use celluar phones. Just a few are, you see. Men over the age of 50 with names like Jan, Leif, Ulf Gunnar and Ove don't know about this. They are still left in the world of vinyl, typewriters and envelopes.

So... come on; pick a slice of that Apple and bring it on...


Nemo - advertisment pillar, on the move

Sådärja... nu var det bara att trycka på sänd-knappen och fisa ihop av självgodhet....
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2 kommentarer:

  1. Haha, det kommer säkert ett positivt svar per omgående!

  2. Ja, skulle inte förvåna mig. Det kan hända väldigt konstiga saker när man gör tvärtemot sitt vanliga handlande


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