lördag, februari 28, 2009

Investor Relations

30 + är en blogg i min söta rulle. För några dagar sedan blev han modeblogg och la upp en bild på en "Gaaahhhh-trench"

Detta har i sin tur fött en affärsidé hos mig - av det mer sinnesjuka slaget. Influerad av combon Mr Bean/Eric Ericsson/ knåpade jag ihop följande mail till det tyska (isch!) huvudkontoret:

"Dear Sirs and High Represantatives of Acronym!

Since I spotted my eyes to your apocalyptic garment, all the streetworthy aftermath stuff, I can't sleep. You see, my head is crazy and messed up with all ideas of a good combat look and pufft-attitude that should come to me if I just lay hands on some of the clothes on your site.

In Sweden we have Dressman for losers and after that it's Ströms for the bold and beautiful men - those who walk around in loafers with ballcrests on their uppersole. And they also wear white tubesocks to theese shoes. That situation makes me sad.

You see, I'm a man in the late 40:s. Soon I will reclaim my bonus and retirement insurance, quit my job and just smoothly surf around in the streets. But for me it's not an option to do so in this stage of age, without messy noises frompeople that surrounds me. Age is not a matter of numbers. It's a matter of style and curiosity. Some of my so called friends suggest that I should calm down, get checkered pants and start to play golf, or even boule with a little white glove sticking out of my pocket like an old wanker. They can just f#¤% off...

All I need is some cool clothes so I can fit in according to a smooth survivalfeeling in the streets. You know, it takes a man to run the hoods between Vasastan and
Majorna. You might not have been here - but I can tell you - there are some assholes sneaking around - just the riot in june 2001 to mention one example, and 'cause I not have the pergamentic blisterlook as Bronson - I have to get mean by clothes...

Now - I run a blog, so if you just send me a package of your coolest stuff - I will advertise it even better than Blondinbella ever should. Or Rosing. You maybe not heard of them or Dennis M. You shouldn't be sad.

Then - if you think my attitude is right, I can set up a store in the heart of Gothenburg and be your first authorized dealer north of Copenhagen. A roughly designed store with warjunk, weapons and blasted concrete and some stiff music that take the customers mind to a landscape of "after the bomb"

Hope to hear from you soon.

Nemo - a hard and hairy helmet

Jag har inte fått svar ännu. Det kanske kommer en försvarlig mängd surkål på posten om några dar...

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